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MSX/R Tigersnake 5.9 S/C V8

MSX/R Tigersnake 5.9 S/C V8

MSX/R has updated their high output version of the supercharged Tigersnake V8. It's been redesigned with a new supercharger, manifold and twin intercooler setup and improved exhaust headers. It now produces 638hp(469kW)@6400rpm and 507lb(687)@2900-4500rpm. the capacity of 5.9l, or 360ci, was used because it is the same as the MSX's original Kosciusko V8 engine used in the classic MSXs such as t...

32 32V 3D 3D Warehouse 3D model IAA_2013 MSXR SketchUp V8 cam camshaft direct gasoline injection intercooled petrol quad supercharged supercharger tigersnake valve

“No Petrol” by wactonbus on Flickr.

bus cornwall deeble petrol upton-cross

After an all time high petrol the price is reduced by 1 paisa.

1paisa breadcrumbs toons cartoonist fuel prices petrol

think of London : dark, dark city… by Benoît Debuisser on Flickr.

benoîtdebuisser black blanc concrete debuisser ground lane lines noir oil paint pentax petrol ricohgr stains street white