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It’s strange… I’m not nearly as 😠 about this as I would’ve been even a few months ago. I think it’s because it’s nearly impossible for me to think less of humanity at this point. The monster figure from my childhood has the possibility to become my senator. I’d be super 😨, but at the same time, I feel like we all deserve whatever bad things happen to us at this point. Anyw...

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#tb to one of my favourite liner shapes. It just works so well with my downturned, hooded eyes. I think I’ve done it in every colour. All about subtlety 🙋🏻what’s your favourite makeup look? Details below: 🔽 Brows: bleached with @jolenbeauty cream bleach Eyes: #ritueldefille obsidian eye soot with #sugarpill soot & stars pressed in the middle of my lid Lashes: #blackmagiclashe...

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Twin pines pamphlet part 1

Twin pines pamphlet part 1

The pamphlet has multiple sections on it, Everything is exact(exept the backround of the Twin pines logo, it's suppose to be the same as the back-------------------TWIN PINES is a Christian Camp,Confrerence and Retreat Center founded by the Evangelical Congregational Church. It's 205 acre faculty is located 8 miles southwest of Stroudsburg, PA in the beautiful Pocono Mountians" It's got 7 cabin...

205 3D 3D Warehouse 3D model 7_cabins 8_miles Aspen Confrerence Evangelical God Mountians PA Pocono SketchUp Trees Twin_pines acre all aluminum and and_my area beautiful bible by cabins faculty fishing founded ground gwownups in is large lord metal miles nearest out pamphlet paper parkcampsite ramp tire way

Getting closer to my Yolandi Visser inspired hair do. Need more hair though! @prawn_star 😍

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Last Memories of Mount Kinabalu | Daniel Chew the Wanderer

Last Memories of Mount Kinabalu | Daniel Chew the Wanderer

It was a pity, it all had to end so fast. Well, finally after what seemed to be more of a trilogy of events in Kota Kinabalu, the part has to end with us leaving the mountain. Yes, on the way down I took a feel of doing panaromic shots of a mountain from the view of... #kinabalu #personal #photos

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