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I walked out of the house 100% not wanting to do this run. Felt rain and thought AMEN! EXCUSES! Neighbor saw me turn around to go back inside and said it will clear up in 5 minutes. 3.5 miles and two wrong turns later I can honestly say that man is a liar.

3.5 miles i did it though! maybe more like dancing in the rain personal running in the rain

Booth is up!!! Come find me at booth E19!!! CAFKL5 is so cool!!! So many great artists!!! I’m awkward ahhh but come say hi!

art booth cafkl cafkl 5 cafkl2018 comic convention digital art kechk malaysia msia painting personal

if you’re not following ama-chan on twitter I want 98767 good reasons why

ama chan free! miho amakata personal swimming anime

I had my tongue resplit last thursday by the lovely guys at Holier Than Thou in Manchester UK. From the moment I contacted them in February they were the best!! They told me everything i needed to know prior to having it done again, answered all my questions and took my deposit over paypal. When it came down to the day I was SHITTING myself!! But they were so lovely and it all went fantastica...

extreme body modification holier than thou me my experience personal tongue split