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Day 20 is #mermei, get it? Mei from Overwatch is my favorite character, and I thought of this pun the other day, and wanted to draw it! (But then of course, looked it up and lots of other people have done the same idea. Oh well, who needs originality?) Based her on a harbor seal, and Snowball became a jellyfish!

art art challenge artwork drawing challenge drawings fan art harbor seal jellyfish mei mei ling zhou mermaid mermaid hair mermaidart mermaids mermay mermay2017 mermei my art overwatch overwatch ladies overwatch mei pencil drawings pencil sketch sketch sketchbook sketches sketching traditional artist underwater underwater life

Continuing with my wee sketches of Black Sails characters. Today Idelle. :)

black sails black sails fan art bs idelle lise slabber pencil sketch

Apparently November is the month to draw dinosaurs. Guess I jumped the gun with Dimetrodon earlier. I couldn’t resist doing Deinocheirus Mirificus with his massive forelimbs, hump and goofy skull. This guy was probably the equivalent of the giant sloth in their era. *Please don’t remove my text/source from my artwork. Thank you!

art artists on tumblr deinocheirus deinocheirus mirificus dinosaur dinovember pencil sketch sketch

Consequences (One) Two (Three) Handplates and the Gaster ghost by @zarla-s This is where I made too much work for myself. These ‘panels’ are huge. The first two are ~9 inches square. They’re also drawn in a notebook which smudged them terribly! Does anyone remember this? Pre-smudges WIP version! I almost posted this as a preview back in April and decided it was too ‘s...

and that was the first of my art that really got notes art consequences comic gaster handplates handplates fanart handplates gaster i think i had 5 or so followers back then lol i think one person following me could possibly remember that gif my art original post pencil sketch teanjel ukagaka ukagaster undertale zarla-s

Consequences (One) (Two) Three Handplates and the Gaster ghost by @zarla-s And here’s the last one, finally. (I’m still very dissatisfied with the image quality but still don’t have access to a scanner, so here it is). The last line echoes Undertale’s talk action for Toriel after you’ve killed her once. Also, something about the image of Gaster with his hands over his eyes was r...

and the delay art consequences comic gaster handplates handplates fanart handplates gaster i am really sorry about the image quality on this my art original post papyrus pencil sketch sans teanjel ukagaka ukagaster undertale zarla-s

Finally finished the pencils on this. Might either ink it traditionally or digitally, haven’t decided yet

andi benton andrea benton klyntar mania marvel pencil sketch symbiote venom venomverse