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False Angel The only thing distinguishing these from some varieties of true angel is their lack of halo. It’s said these creatures were born mimicking angels in the Over to infiltrate angelic hives; rather, the false angel adapted to this appearance to avoid predators. Not many predators go after holy beings, after all. While their plumage grows into any manner of ‘hairstyles’ and can ...

angel angel design false angel fulmine headworld pencil sketch

Cast Appreciation POI cast is talented, beautiful and fun - love them all (and certainly keep an eye on their future roles). Pen&Marker sketches. It was fun (extended) week, thanks, @poiaw2016 !

amy acker jim caviezel kevin chapman michael emerson mypoifanart pen&marker pencil sketch person of interest poi cast poi fan art poiaw2016 portrait drawing sarah shahi taraji p. henson