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Craig Maher - Black Clotho 9x12 inches, pencil on gessoed board, digital color. Moirai 1 of 3 Week 1: Black, Month of Love 2018 “You get what anybody gets - you get a lifetime.” - Neil Gaiman

black clotho craigmaher digital color fate monthoflove pencil drawing spinner

My Jason Isaacs collection is growing and growing. I can‘t believe it. There are so many already, that they don‘t even fit in one post, so I had to pic a few of my faves. Thanks for encouraging me! I‘m having so much fun. 😘❤️ God, I love this man.

art case histories colored pencil art drawing fanart gabriel lorca general zhukov georgy zhukov hap harry potter jackson brodie jason isaacs leather lorca lucius malfoy mirror lorca pencil art pencil drawing star trek discovery star trek: discovery the oa

A series of illustrations for Irish Design Shop based on the theme of Irish folklore & mythology. A limited edition print calendar is available from Foxgloves The foxglove has a long association with both foxes and faeries. A potion made from the foxglove plant was said to be able to break a faery spell and restore changelings to true children. There are various theori...

denise nestor fox foxglove illustration irish irishart irishfolklore pencil pencil drawing

Admiral Hennessey, a mechanical pencil sketch. H & 2b. 90 minutes.

admiral hennessey black sails black sails fanart greg mevill-smith my art pencil drawing

A new form for BRS, I’m still not 100% set on everything and lacks a proper name. So far I went with “Flame Lord BRS” but wasn’t quite satisfied with it, lol.

alternate alternate form armor armor parts armors black rock shooter blue brs copic markers crown dress fanart fanmanga inspired markers mechanical pencil pencil drawing redesign