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Seriously though, this movie’s stupid. I mean alright, that’s not a lot considering the quality of the movies I review during Shark Week, but did they really have to make this one so annoying? Everything about it is like nails on a chalkboard, and apparently the TV show that this movie spoofs is even worse! It’s like a black hole of nuisance and annoyance of which you can’t escape. Al...

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@livinthelife0friley had a dream about me. This was that dream. Page 1 Eli: LOL! I dare you to jump out this window. Graphite Sketch: Ok Page 2 Graphite Sketch: *stares* Page 3 Graphite Sketch: This is my life now.

askthegraphitesketch comic dream comic earth pony eli graphite sketch livinthelife0friley pegasus riley stole my oc this is my life now wobbly leg

I’m very lazy sometimes, so heres a Chaz Mcfreely horse

chaz mcfreely crossover daz gifs gif mlp mlp:fim mysims (game) mysims chaz pegasus

// Pegasus might make a cameo on this blog every now and again… He makes me giggle.

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