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There’s a starmare waiting in the sky .. She’d like to meet us, but she think’s she’d blow or minds" Welp~ I took me 33 working hours but I’ve finally finished my Apogee.. ApoWatney.. Whatever picture. I got the idea for this picture after watching “The Martian” and it was the best movie I’ve ever seen in the last years and I got a ton of ideas with Apogee based on the movie....

apogee ares 3 delta vee's junkyard fim friendship is magic kami kamithepony mark watney mars mars horse mlp mylittlepony oc pegasus rover science the shit out of this shinonsfw space horse the martian

[EPISODE] 129. Super Transformations Again! The Power of Pegasus. Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS Kana: スーパー変身再び! ペガサスの力 Romaji: Suupaa Henshin Futatabi! Pegasasu no Pawaa Original Air Date: March 11, 1995 Director: Noriyo Sasaki Writer: Megumi Sugihara Animation Director: Mari Tominaga Plot: Tiger’s Eye targets Motoki’s girlfriend, Reika. TRIVIA...

double moon episode 129 episodes episodes (classic) episodes (supers) fruit parlor crown horse stable (episode 129) kyokubadanko mari tominaga megumi sugihara motoki furuhata noriyo sasaki pegasus reika nishimura sailor moon sailor moon (classic) sailor moon supers tiger's eye

Finished YCH for Blackbird and @darnelg ! (plus a little ‘thank you for support’-sketch for Darnel ^^ )

bite blackbird cute darnel darnelg finished kus' mlp my art pegasus pony sfw stallion unicorn ych

Amezaiku 飴細工 (candy crafted), Japanese art of candy sculpture - Ameshin アメシン shop, Asakusa 浅草, Tokyo - Japan - 2014 Ameshin shop video here

2010s ameshin amezaiku asakusa candy sculpture dragon eagle heisei japan japanese art japanese carp japanese craft japanese shop japanese sweets koi lion pegasus tokyo アメシン 平成 東京 浅草 飴細工

Hey everyone, here’s a little collab I did with the amazing @nakusik. This was sort of an impromptu collab since she suddenly came up with the doodle for this and I just needed to color it. This was a lot of fun! Funnily enough, I hadn’t had the chance to be on this side of a collab, I almost always did the sketches. As said, she did the gorgeous sketch and effects and I inked, colored and...

collab mlpfim my little pony friendship is magic nakusik nyreen nyreen eventide pegasus pegasus oc pony oc rakikubit violin