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It’s been some time! But I’ve kept busy. Here are a couple of color tests for one of the pieces for the next batch of minis I’m preparing, goblins this time! I’ve received a lot of feedback on my minis since the last batch so I’m implementing a lot of changes for the next one, like more color options, a change of scale and more. I’ll also be replacing Gumroad with a Patreon page t...

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The first ever Patreon Pack, composed of requested minis from patrons of PrintableHeroes. Printable files downloadable here: PrintableHeroes_PatreonPack_01.pdf If you’d like to support Printable Heroes and become a patron you can do so here: Printable Heroes Patreon Page

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Fissure Mynah, cleric of F’del’zherk, the feathered serpent god of madness and birds. Concept sketches for my Pathfinder character, who I’m playing in @k25ff‘s Panspermia Beta campaign.

ahhhhhhhh character ref fissure mynah inspiration panspermia pathfinder ttrpgs

Working on a little concept stuff. I should do more of this.

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