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Awesome picture of my Half-Elf Paladin of Iomedae! Done by @suppa-rider who’s a hell of an artist!

commission half-elf iomedae knight of ozem paladin pathfinder

World, meet Bagthulhu - the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag. Bagthulhu is an unspeakable horror in the form of a cuddly soft toy dicebag for the most discerning of cultists. He likes dice, souls, and comfy places to wait dreaming. Bagthulhu is made of super soft microfleece or plush, and stands 20cm/8" tall. Flip back his head to reveal a dicebag belly with a double drawstring closure. H...

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The free Bulette paper miniature files, generic grassland map tiles, and some collapsed tunnel tokens (everything you’d need for a Bulette encounter) are now available here: If you like my work and would like to support what I do (or get access to cool bonus stuff like “dire” bulette alternate art version) please check out my Patreon page. Ch...

battle maps bulette d&d d&d 5e dungeons & dragons map tiles paper miniatures pathfinder printableheroes

Hey there it’s Rougie! I had an itch to do a drawing of my Pathfinder character Throldrugar Chainsword, a lvl 9 Dwarf Fighter! I love playing as her as well as drawing her. But lately I haven’t had the time to draw her and now tonight was the night that I must remedy that! It took me about 7 ½ hours of work on this piece and I really love it! She’s a badass and it was fun drawing h...

dnd dwarf dwarf fighter le-rouge-art-works lineart original work pathfinder throldrugar chainsword

A character I made to play for my first Pathfinder game, an illiterate swamp wizard named Zeke Gatorbang. Drawn in Sketch Club on an Ipad.

dnd dungeons and dragons hillbilly pathfinder swamp wizard wizard yokel

I am so sleepy and I created this dumb comic, question if your sister fucked the new pink alien or not hahhaahaha I’m not drunk and I wasnt drunk I promise

andromeda dumbcomic mass effect pathfinder ryder rydersisters