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Cosmos episodio 11: Los inmortales. Para recordar: “ América no fue descubierta, fue invadida y saqueada.. EN AMÉRICA YA EXISTÍAN LAS CIVILIZACIONES”

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In Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, one man’s trash is not just another man’s treasure. It’s also his children’s playground – at least if you live in the village of Cateura, which has the honor of being built directly on top of Asuncion’s main landfill. As one might expect of a place erected on a massive pile of trash, Cateura’s residents lived in poverty. The primary industry w...

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Paraguayan artillery redoubts at the Battle of Curuzu during the seriously bloody Paraguayan War, aka the War of the Triple Alliance.

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Composition practice. both of these animals are native to Paraguay, the first one being the famous Jaguar, here simply known as Jaguarete in our native tongue. The second one would be the largest fox known as the Maned Wolf, here known as Aguara Guazu.

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