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That amazing moment when your home town team wins the Super Bowl 🔶🔷 Denver, CO

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Eesti memm ja eesti taat … ja mingi tüüp päikeseprillidega. tumblr facebook instagram

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Protest buttons made by the 5th Ave Vietnam Peace Parade Committee, late 1971 & early 1972.

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“Dearest Tracy, thank u 4 your letter. It’s a good feeling 2 know that one’s work is appreciated by others. It’s the main thing that keeps me working. And if I ever make a video with 10-year olds in ‘em, you’re invited. (smile) I would love a picture of u. Don’t worry about what they look like. I take bad pictures all the time. I hope u like Purple Rain; it’s a good movie. B...

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Otto Bettmann :: Walking Violin in Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade, 1917

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