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Pantone 3295 color match. A Peacock Ore ( #bornite). It was a challenge to find a teal green that would match the various shades, but I think I captured the majority color. I bought this ore from Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, TX. Went there with my family during Spring Break. If you ever visit Georgetown, make sure you visit there. We had a great time exploring!

bornite pantone teal tiny pantone objects tiny pms match

كمپانى پَنتون 10 رنگ برتر بهار 2017 رو اعلام كرد Pantone releases the top 10 colours for spring 2017: 🔟Hazelnut 14-1315 9️⃣Kale 18-0107 8️⃣Pink 17-2034 7️⃣Greenery 15-0343 6️⃣Pale Dogwood 13-1404 5️⃣Island Paradise 14-4620A 4️⃣Flame 17-1462 3️⃣Lapis Blue 19-4045 2️⃣Primrose Yellow 13-0755 1️⃣Niagara 17-4123 . #...

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