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RT @MangiPannu007: #PanchayatElection Selection of those who are committed to eradicating social evils. like Dowry. #WarAgainstDowry https:�

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RT @ankit_badiya: #PanchayatElection इस चुनाव की पंचायत से तो अब युवा बोर हो ग


I don't expect a free and fair #PanchayatElection in WB. Everyone knows Mamta Banerjee is a cheap ���


#PanchayatElection इस चुनाव की पंचायत से तो अब युवा बोर हो गया है। ना जाने कितने चुनाव आये लेकिन युव�

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This is hardly a case of

This is hardly a case of "undermining institutions", when the fact remains that Congress regimes are past masters of this art. The Congress, for instance, has effected Article 356 around 88 times to dismiss state governments during the 54 years they have been in power at the Centre — and Rahul's grandmother Indira alone accounts for 50 of those 88 instances. As far as "murder accused" is co...

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RT @immortalsoulIN: #PanchayatElection Democracy is mob lynched in Bengal. Shashi Tharoor is charged in #SunandaPushkar "death" case...�

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#PanchayatElection Delhi ho ya Mumbai Dowry system ka end hona hi chahiye #WarAgainstDowry

panchayatelection waragainstdowry