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ice cweam moustacheee \(:V)/ poth naj i hope you like it bruh *hugs* Sun: Awww gosh this looks so cute! :D And funny x’D Palette ahaha xD I love it, thank you! :D *squeezes*

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Skin & Lighting pallet. Tried various types of coloring techniques and shading. Was quite a good exercise for me. Here are some of my favorite color pallets. Hope this helps you guys too! Deviantart | Artstation | Shop |

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I did say I was gonna redraw Finny & Nox and I think this is better😊 but anyway after drawing that feels-full scene i needed to balance out my feels with 3 fluff ones(yeah thats how affected by that scene I was TTwTT so good) and So the fluffy human Finox & ofcourse Poth(because i cant get enough of them either😅) also human sans😊I hope you like them 😁 Credits and disclaimer: Finio...

and really the tfaa ask blog check it the feels and the fic and ohmygawd so many things twt anyway anyway i found out im more of a light color user when it comes to watercolors whod have known? didnt expect to draw more honestly finio gift goth i was gonna stop after the redraw buuut its nice =w= but nex time ill try to use darker colors like ryssbelle nekophy and angexci theyre all sooo good ☆w☆ my art nox oh yeah human finox poth and sans~ palette sans tfaa undertale watercolor yeah my soul needed a bit of fluff hahah im a wimp at that huhu you guys should check them out

“I like it I’m twenty five I know you like me Oh I got this I’m truly fine I think I know a little bit about myself now” - IU (Palette)

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Since Loan was the last one to do I wanted to think of as many as I could. Which I think I covered the gambit of it at least. These have been good practice and getting more stuff out there. I might go back add more to the others or work on other characters later. But this is last pallet thing im gonna do for now.

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