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Untitled by Nicole Sofía Para qué entonces subir el tono del silencio? No me grites si Vas a disentir en mute Descallate Imbécil No-ves-que Tenés un vacío inmensurable en esa boca de quien no quiere la cosa O que sí quiere la cosa pero /no / La vanidad te la entalló El sastre de lo impenetrable Mirá qué lástima el eco bucal que tenés negruzco y musical que exige ...

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Self-portrait, 1650s by Salvator Rosa (Italian, 1615–1673)

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Paintings of the World recreated by Alee Hassan and Hashim Ali. La Dormeuse by Tamara de Lempicka 1930s (Poland) Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun 1783 (France) Self Portrait by Frida Kahlo 1940 (Mexico) Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May by John William Waterhouse 1909 (England)

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the NASA Neuron/c - Kaleidoscope captures an ongoing cosmic collision between Paul Jaisini's

the NASA Neuron/c - Kaleidoscope captures an ongoing cosmic collision between Paul Jaisini's "Mind Voyager" and a "Invisible Mind Painting" galaxy #(000/24/000) The image also reveals a his bright thoughts stream coming out from his numerons. Paul Jaisini was ejected from his station during the collision and is now produces the invisible stellar stream of a new to us color spectrum. #art #phot...

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Champion Leo Vanocar Skyful Precipuss

Champion Leo Vanocar Skyful Precipuss

This is a model of a cat illustration I did, titled, "Champion Leo Vanocar Skyful Precipuss". It was originally created in Gimp (illustration software), and the frame and matting was created in Picasa. Let me know if you like it. Maybe send me an image of it hanging on a wall in your model. That would be cool. The entire collection of cat illustrations is from my series, "Cats of Bamboo Flats”...

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