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soft style Ilulu _ i think it would be neat if she’s in the anime that they make her hair fade to blue at the ends the same way tohru’s blends into orange and pink, and elma’s black hair fades to purple 🌈 🌈

anime art but i just rly liked her twirlies fanart i dont normally like to spend too long on stuff ilulu iruru kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon miss kobayashis dragon maid painterly

Watercolor by @kernyboydraws 🎨 Model and poem by: @diandrajanelle “Melanin never looses it’s luster. Dripping from the helix of her DNA. Perpetually priceless. She is the essence of smoldering shea butter and mango sunsets sweet like lemonade. The genesis of royalty a queen’s authenticity never fades. When society tries to steal your identity remember that you’re no fools gold. Yo...

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Here you can see a very small detail from a larger Sci-Fi scenery which is currently in development. Painting software: Krita 4.0.3. Brush style: relief raised / thick impasto

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