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untitled by Wayne Greer on Flickr.

blender handyphoto mextures painterly photofx

soft style Ilulu _ i think it would be neat if she’s in the anime that they make her hair fade to blue at the ends the same way tohru’s blends into orange and pink, and elma’s black hair fades to purple 🌈 🌈

anime art but i just rly liked her twirlies fanart i dont normally like to spend too long on stuff ilulu iruru kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon miss kobayashis dragon maid painterly

Been a while! Getting back into the flow of things(?) Halfbody scene for b00n on ArtFight!

af2017 art art fight artfight digital art digital painting furry furry art half body halfbody painterly painting rooftop scene tropic tropical

Watercolour tiger thigh piece. Cam’s first one! Just under 8hrs. Was too dark when we finished to get good piccies. thirdeyetattoos

aquarelle australia ink splash kel tait melbourne messy paint splash painterly tattoo thigh thirdeyetattoos tiger vat watercolour tattoo watercolour tiger

I’m on a ROOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Scene for MAGGOTPUDDING on ArtFight!

af2017 anthro art art fight artfight bedroom canine cartoon digital art digital painting dinodog dinosaur dog furry furry art painterly painting