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People have been asking about commissions so here you go! I have a lot more to sell, including furry stuff but since my ponies seem to be trending im selling what I have good examples of for now. Not listed: Chibi ponies $10 Let me know if you wanna be my example for a chibi pony by pioneering a purchase xD Thank you for your interest btw!

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DRAW THIS AGAIN CHALLENGE - Flareon - Watercolor Painting

DRAW THIS AGAIN CHALLENGE - Flareon - Watercolor Painting

Original upload: 2016 Hey peeps! In this video I am doing a draw this again challenge by redrawing an old Flareon picture I did when I was about 10. It went from a small colored pencil drawing to a watercolor painting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ------------------------ -YOUTUBE: -INS...

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* 『 LOVELESS 』2018 ●mineral pigments, japanese-paper, wood panel, gold leaf, silver leaf * ☞ Next exhivition🎨✨ 🌱東京藝術大学日本画第一研究室発表展2018🌱 ・ 会期◆8/29〜9/11 時間◆10:00〜17:00 会場◆東京藝大陳列館・正木記念館 🎤公開講評会・9/8 12:30〜14:30 招待作家:野畑直子 ※会期中無休・入場無...

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Ro - Rue Quincampoix 04è by yoyolabellut (un oeil qui traîne) on Flickr.

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