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Hidden under my own words. - magic-spelldust: Antidote by *Spademm på We Heart It

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Little everyday magic. First sigil on top is “I have energy to work”. The bottom sigil is “I am happy”. Feel free to use them if you need it!

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Recreating the Old Ways in a Modern Age: The Proposition of a New Foundation and Utilization of Ritual and Everyday Mysticism Note that over all things, the foundation of these ideas is purely intended to inspire a sense of community and spirituality so that together we may lead lives filled with a collective understanding that there can be a sense of magic in the world if only we decide to s...

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“Nyurgun said that without the help of the spirits, the shaman is no different than a child trying to play the komuz: its strings will produce sounds, but not music. The teacher is the path, but it is the spirits who form the taiga. They came for me at my first blood, in the middle of the night. The raw smell of iron had awoken them from their sleep.” ~ Dayaana’s story will be featured ...

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