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SHINOA IS ALMOST DONE!! I gotta make her white belt and the couple things on her right shoulder, but apart from that and ofc the scythe, she’s almost ready. I really need to get around to ordering that wig. XD #owarinoseraph #owarinoseraphcosplay #seraphoftheend #seraphoftheendcosplay #shinoa #shinoahiragi #shinoacosplay #cosplay #anime #cosplaygirl #animegirl #youmacon

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So i have read all of Owari No Seraph chapters. I need more. DAMN IT! MIKA’S DESIGN IS SO PRETTY. I CAN’T STOP TAKING SCREENSHOTS WHEN HE COMES OUT. 😍😘😍😚😍 Now i just need to wait patiently for updates while watching the anime. It’s rare for me to want to read the manga first before an anime. Lol! But in other news, i declare Mika chan, Best Boyfriend Of The Year. T.T I’...

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