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((Going to be offline for a bit as in 5 to 6 hours. Have fun without me guys :( ))


(( I want to get Sophie more active again. Since she kind of went quiet when ORAS was released, because I ended up focusing on that game… )) (( Anyway! Let’s get her moving again! Like this post if you want a Greeting or a Starter, or if you want me to come check out your blog! ))

OutOfDark pac pokemon adventure challenge pokemon oc pokemon rp sophie's pac adventure


((was I technically even online today?))

OutOfDark g'night

The mun is now going to go cry himself to sleep over the fact that they are too poor to get a 3DS and a copy of X


(( ugh! How do you make all these stupid pop up windows stop? They keep giving me the same ‘tips’ over and over again. Once is enough tumblr, I don’t need to be told how to like or reblog a post ever couple of seconds! ))


Out of Dark (2014) #imdb :4.7 Bir aile kızları ile beraber Kolombiya'ya bir üretim tesisini devralmak için yola çıkarlar. Herşey güzel bir şekilde ilerlerken ailenin yerleştikleri yeni ev pek de normal olmayacaktır. Çocuklarının başına gelecek olan tehlikenin farkında bile değillerdir. #korkukolik #korku #korkufilmi #fragman #trailer #outofdark

fragman imdb korku korkufilmi korkukolik outofdark trailer

//are my messages not getting through? Either that or tumblr isn’t telling me when someone replies.. Because according to my notifications I’m all caught up… TT^TT

outofdark tbd


Do it Love this M!A NOW OutOfDark Prompt

(( …do I need to edit my rules page? I don’t know it’s just that… I’m getting some personal blogs re-blogging my posts. I don’t know why they are re-blogging my drabbles or ooc talk, but I would prefer if they didn’t… ))

outofdark why why am I getting so many personal blogs reblogging my stuff?
Oh dear

Oh dear

(( A conversation between my mother and I Me: (Brother) is not having any mushrooms. Mom: Then he doesn’t need to be.))

OutOfDark That is a little extreme

((anyone else seeing doubles [or more] of posts by the same person?))



first of all, thank you so much for reading this page! it really means a lot to me! mun and muse are 18+ but will never smut with minors! no age/approximate age on your blog somewhere? no smut! Cloud and mun are only comfortable with shipping him and humans or humans with animal features. So no animals/anthros can be in a romantic relationship with him. Sorry guys… i only ship with chemistry...

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