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This isn’t a back alley, Steve. It’s war! The 107th Infantry Regiment aesthetic

107th aesthetic bucky barnes aesthetic fangirlfiction howling commandos howling commandos aesthetic my edit out of time

avindicta Dear sir, chill. XDDD “Don’t know what I did to deserve this, than again, I don’t think I want to know.”

aglaive avindicta hunting me much there bro??? i love you bei ic just amusing to find this on another blog just kidding out of control out of time xd xddd

//Guess who decides to finish their invasion while I was away and asleep???

aglaive finally able to post this out of control out of time

((I really want there to be a tumblr wide poll about people’s top ten least favorite lost characters so I can yell when Eloise is on it))

and i would throw something eloise keamy out of time shannon widmore zoe

daily reminderino that homura literally rewrote the entire fucking universe because ai yo

ai yo i need to stop shitposting madoka magica out of time puella magi madoka magica this girl has no chill

Finally got my lovely congratulatory gift for myself for finishing all my finals. Horrible photo, but excitement is my excuse.

chillwave me minemice music out of time synthwave waiting