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Study Playlist #1 - Instrumental & Classical Tracks! youtube link here Hello!! As promised, here’s my study playlist of this exam season! I hope you’ll enjoy it and good luck with your finals!

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30 Day Studyblr Challenge Day 3 - Your Favorite Inspirational Quote This is a quote by Salvador Dali. I’ve always loved it because I feel like I’m surrounded by great people who don’t want to do the work to get to where they want to be, so they simply just let go of their dreams, and it saddens me so much to see that! I feel like you should reach for what you want and get it, so this quo...

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Reaction to the maze pranks.

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My “Gynarchist feminist” symbols and signs. Self-designed. Self-made. for radfems who want Gynarchy not just *gender abolition* ~supporters who are male can reblog~

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can we just talk about how the thumbnail for “Meet the Forgotten Villain Kids” on the OFFICIAL Descendants YouTube channel has Harry caressing Ben with his hook and looking at him… well… not with disgust or hatred, that’s for sure i’m not saying there’s any way disney would go through with it i’m just saying that if you ship it then you should know about this thumbnail

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