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oh look, boys for once Teleio is my dancer boy and Lance is my infantry lance boy and Tala’s bro their first meeting and their Gay Energy Resonates

character design digital lance oc original characters sketches sundoodle suns fe squad teleio

.- a group of foreign visitors from other plane : Karma, X and O. project - Highschool Mononoke Boys (HSMB)

02 designs ginkgosan highschool mononoke boys hsmb karma o original characters the trigger x

HOLY FRICK I HAVEN’T WORKED ON DRAGON WING IN FOREVER!! So, for those of you who don’t know, this is my original comic Dragon Wing. I have been working on it, very slowly, since high school and I still love it. I hope you like this newest page of Dragon Wing, and check out the whole story to be on the look out for future pages! (Please excuse the MASSIVE STYLE CHANGES throughout the com...

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A pair of shisa that look suspiciously like Ryu And now you can put ‘em on stuff over at Redbubble!

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A work in progress. Featuring my terrible oc Tom Terrifiant, a man cursed my a chaos god of monstrosities, and his childhood friend Ana, the only person he can’t bring himself to harm. Inspired by the song oh ana by mother mother

ana black and white elderich eyes horror mother mother my art oc oc's oh ana original characters red and black sketch song inspired art tentacles theartofcertibbs tom terrifiant too many eyes white and red wip work in progress