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redraw and redesign for my shapeshifter babu doc :0 first is the new one second one is from march 2015!!

deer doc doodle dip oc original original character

「 クーソーしてから、寝てください。」 A new classic ad remake! This time is a 1985’s “chirashi” (pamphlet) from Namco’s Pac Land and Burger Time for the Famicom (original version). Some sort of weird tagline for a video game advertising campaign considering that it almost literally says “Go to sleep or you will shit your pants” in Japanese. Check the commercial he...

80s ad remake advertising famicom my art namcobandai namcot nes original retrogaming チラシ ナムコ バーガータイム パックランド ファミコン レトロゲーム

nax is the jackass friend that likes to troll his best friend, boris [do not tag as kin/me/etc.]

2017 i keep drawing memes im so sorry meme pics myart oc original original character resistance au

KRAK-OOOOOOOM not happy w/ how it came out but what’s done is done!!!!!!! wanted to paint something i had on my mind with Niji’s lightning powers for a while Niji

creature dragon lightning my artwork niji ocs original painting rainbow storm