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Comision para @Axhura el personaje le pertenece a ella. Es un Gijinka de Ocemas su nombre es Byako es un gruñón muy protector y celoso, que a ha conseguido que su amor por ella sea recíproco. Arte por @yuehana

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ricket and sia, theyre kitsune archers that guard the border of the fox kingdom

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The wide boy! Here we have a 1971 Rolex Datejust Reference 1601 in 14K Rose Gold & Stainless steel. Equipped with an original dial, rose gold-colored, hands & markers, & a caliber 1570 movement. (Store Inventory #11467, listed at $5000, available for purchase in store & online.)

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Grey Seal pups - Halichoerus grypus The Grey seals, Halichoerus grypus (Carnivora - Phocidae), occur in temperate and subarctic waters of the North Atlantic ocean and in the Baltic Sea. The breeding season of the grey seal varies greatly, occurring anywhere from mid-December to October, depending upon the location of the population. The lovely pups are born with white coats and suckle from th...

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Project Reel 21-08-2017

Project Reel 21-08-2017

If you are wondering what I've been up to and where my material is, well here is some of my projects in development. I know I have been a little lazy lately, but I have been given more working hours at my current job, so progress has slowed down a little bit. And please let me know which animation style you prefer. Actual music used Stomp it away by Silent Partner. Music:

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