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In 2012/2013 my good buddy @bobbypontillas and I started pitching short films @disneyanimation ! These beat boards were used to help illustrate our short #onesmallstep ! At the time we were playing with the idea of telling the short from the perspective of shoes…using her feet as a major story point. Thematically it was a little different too, we had the protagonist achieve a different dream ...

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An early environment design I did for the university Luna attends in One Small Step.

concept art design illustration luna onesmallstep taiko taiko studios university

Do yourselves a favor and go watch #onesmallstep @taikostudios (link in their bio). This short film is very special to me, @bobbypontillas and I started pitching this short back in 2014, now 4 years later we get to see it beautifully executed by the talented Taiko team, Directed by @bobbypontillas & @andrew_chesworth ! I worked with the team early on in the development stages, here is the very ...

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A few color keys I painted over some awesome boards by @andrew_chesworth . Before we started I was *terrified* because I didn’t know a thing about color and light! So I took an amazing online Schoolism course by @dicetsutsumi and @robertkondo while on vacation in Indonesia. Honestly I still have no idea what I’m doing but I learned SO MUCH from them! Very thankful to those guys for being so...


Some examples of final animation w/ the color keys I painted over the shots. Our lighting & comp team, led by GaoShang Zhang, would then realize these images beautifully for the final film! These particular shots were animated by @andrew_chesworth , @shaofu.zhang, with tech anim by @andrewtaylorjennings , and hair anim by Joy Johnson.


We came. We conquered. And we were Balls to the Wall. #onesmallstep #pws (at Silver Creek, New York)

onesmallstep pws

@taikostudios recently released their new short #onesmallstep and asked if I wanted to take part in the celebration - of cause I did! #girlsinanimation ・・・ Pernille Orum (@pernilleoerum) has us on cloud nine with this lovely rendition of Luna keeping the spark of youthful imagination alive! Pernille is a visdev artist, character designer, and illustrator living in Copenhagen. ____ #t...

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You don't have to spend a lot of money to reduce your waste - Make some marginal improvements to your...

You don't have to spend a lot of money to reduce your waste - Make some marginal improvements to your recycling system with Recycle Week #recycleweek #zerowaste #onesmallstep #wastemanagement

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“Did you eat yet?” Ahh yes a common hello for Asian households. I love the idea of dinner tables being a place where, regardless of the madness of your day, a family can be present and connect. Mama P’s specialties were her world-famous Grilled Cheese, Spaghetti, or Fried Rice! Another valuable thing I learned in that Schoolism class was how to construct different lighting setups using a ...


A little something for Taiko Studios’ first short film, One Small Step. It was such an endearing short to watch and definitely embodied everything I wanted to put into my own stories. . . . #OneSmallStep #luna #FatherChu #taikostudios #moleskine #space #astronaut #Illustration #drawing #art #sketch #ArtistsOnInstagram

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