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« Seascape » Summer 2018, oil on canvas (50/100cm)

art contemporary artists on tumblr mercioner oil on canvas oil painting seascape

Luminous Essence, oil on canvas, Sangchen Tsomo 2018 It is by the force of addiction to conventional life that the profound vast Reality is deluded into believing itself to be this or that. Once addicted the only cure is to discover the Luminous Essence though direct enquiry into what is meant by the words “I Am”. - Sangchen Tsomo

abstract portrait emerging artist oil painting sangchentsomo women artists on tumblr

Lost in the Storm 19th century Richard Ansdell

ansdell art oil painting paintings victorian

Elaine with the Armour of Launcelot, Arthur Hughes, 1867 Source: Tate

arthur hughes arthurian legend elaine elaine of corbenic launcelot oil on panel oil painting sir lancelot tate

Getting There - 2017, oil on canvas, 48″x36″ More of my work: website / instagram

art artists on tumblr basketball art contemporary art ian thomas miller minimal oil oil painting painting