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The Bridge on the Singel in Amsterdam Paleisstraat circa 1897 George Hendrik Breitner

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I blindfold your eyes, so I can not wait. I plug my mouth, so I do not speak. I plug my ears, so I do not feel. But I have no way out, I see, hear and speak through my heart and my eyes. Love is noise, love test, love is love.

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Glistening Oil Paintings of Minerals and Crystals by Carly Waito

art hyper realistic oil painting painting

Under the Carpet: Photorealistic Oil Paintings of Rugs by Antonio Santin

antonio santin art oil painting painting photorealism

Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), Cremorne Pastoral (1895), oil on canvas, 137.2 x 91.5 cm. Collection of Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Via Wikimedia Commons.

19 th century arthur streeton cremorne pastoral landscape landscape painting oil painting

Carl Friedrich Lessing (1808–1880, Germany) Carl Friedrich Lessing was a German historical and landscape painter. In his landscapes, Lessing was influenced by the Romantic Caspar David Friedrich: his themes he depicted were castle ruins, forgotten cemeteries, rugged rock formations, which he inhabited with figures of monks, knights and thieves.

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