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Title: White Antelope Artist: Jacques Laurent Agasse Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 18 x 22 cm Source:

1700's 1800's addax animal animal art antelope art hunterian museum jacques laurent agasse oil oryx painting swiss white antelope

Break it down, roll it up :) Made my own cavi cone! With strawberry cough X blue dream with granddaddy purp oil! :)

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Frank Bernard Dicksee

art frank bernard dicksee la belle dame oil painting

I love/hate Tuesdays we go to school one hour later but we also go home later

aestethic background colorful colors colourful colours oil rad rainbow swirl swirl background swirlie swirly background trippy

$25 commission for @thedeskofdrychris of his very own, that titan of the oil industry, Patricia Roleum! Yee-haw! Commissions open! Info here!

barrel color commission commission cool oil old timey old west other people's characters patricia roleum rifle rootin tootin thedeskofdrychris