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Ummmm. I can explain, I saw an anime chick with this similar outfit and decided to draw ohm in this. I have no excuse for this, I’m so sorry XD. Poor chubby bunny

but it's short but this can be one of those sexy halloween costume fan art fanart i just had to draw it i kinda have a continuation for this i know it's not christmas i'm so sorry for this is this safe?? my art ohm ohmwrecker poor ohmie

One of the biggest project been working on. Had tones of fun doing it #artofdiarama #studioghibli #宮崎駿 #nausicaa #ohm #王蟲 (at American Museum of Natural History)

artofdiarama nausicaa ohm studioghibli 宮崎駿 王蟲

My heart is breaking… Just yesterday I discovered there was a dispute at instagram in @ttoeysittiwat account (Book in Make it Right the series). It seems his relationship with Proy (Fuse’s sister in the series) is exposed and hard Ohmtoey fanatics started rambling. It seems that he did not disable the comment section and instead, replied to most fans with harsh words or about stopping the...

bl destroyed make it right make it right the series ohm ohmtoey ohmtoey no more ohmttoey toey sittiwat ttoeysittiwat