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Preview of Noragami Volume 18 cover in full size

noragami noragamimanga official

Guys! guys! For the calendar! Touka and Madam A features on the day of their birthday! Which means everyone will have themselves feature on the day of their birthday! Maybe this is a chance for us to know everyone’s birthday, INCLUDING HIDE’S

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160503 KBS The Return of Superman “Uncle Special”: Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun & Rohee Official Stills CNBLUE.CL |

baby child cn blue cnblue fnc hd jong hyun jonghyun jung yong hwa jung yonghwa kbs lee jong hyun lee jonghyun official reality show rohee rohui special still stills superman superman returns the return of superman uncle yong hwa yonghwa has opened once more, revealing both Yuta and Reo will be returning to the roles of Sebastian and Ciel respectively! Specific show times have also been revealed, no word yet on the rest of the cast

ciel phantomhive kuromyu kuromyu 5 kuroshitsuji namashitsuji official phantomhive reo uchikawa sebastian sebastian michaelis tango on the campania yuta furukawa