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Some process stuff, first one is figuring out how the Tiburce and the Bad Batter was going to look in my style. The last one was planning the secret santa pic and the middle ones are the results. :) MY PATREON

bad batter batter jesssd off off game off secret santa specter tuburce PAGE 74 PAGE 72 New Readers Click Here I love drawing Zach. He’s adorable

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Yuuki and Hayate spent a day off together practicing tricking. Yuuki says it’s difficult for him, but that he had a lot of fun and at the end of the day, he was envious of the road bike Hayate used to go home.

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Brightly colored ghosts are the best kinds of ghosts.

fishy's art ghosts off off game spectres watercolor

do you ever just can’t stop thinking about how much you love one of your faves? shout out to Dedan for sparking my obsession with monster men

comic dedan i'm tired inu's art off off dedan off game off mortis ghost Cover 9 (WIP) PAGE 127 New Readers Click Here End of chapter! Holidays are coming up so my usual 2 week break is gonna be a bit longer. I’ll be posting work in progress stuff on Patreon soon, as well as some other stuff. Till then guys! Updates WED & SUN Full Res. on Website | Ko-Fi

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