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seal of vine (vinea) a great king, and an earl of hell ;;; appears as a lion riding a black horse. office of discovering things unknown ;;; past present and future hidden things governeth 36 regions ;;; his seal is to be worn wItch333s

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statue of Dwarapala in front of our house. I’m too lazy to explain Dwarapala……hahahaha….cause it’s gonna be very longggg explanation and i’m afraid my English isn’t good enough for it xD so plz just check

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asmodeus (or: ashmedai, asmoday) rank: king ;;; demon of lust ;;; appears as ;;; 3 heads, one of man, one of bull and one of ram seal of gold ;;; #32 in Solomon’s listings wItch333s

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Man/God as a Tree. T is for Tau, Tau is for Thammuz, straight out of Babylon, taken back to Jerusalem by apostate Jews who had been exiled in the great city of iniquity. KABALLA, Lucyferianism in its most elevated embodiment, and most deceptive with a little bit of mother godess worship thrown in the mix. Nasty.

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Escape, running away, hiding, moving out. We are all driven to do this at some point in our lives. But sometimes we never realize that we are actually running away from our greatest enemy, ourselves. It follows us everywhere and we can never hide from it. Before escaping into the ‘better’ unknown, face your darkest shadow self first. Fight it. Conquer it. Accept it. Love it. Make peace ...

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Seal of Bathin “The Eighteenth Spirit is Bathin. He is a Mighty and Strong Duke, and appeareth like a Strong Man with the tail of a Serpent, sitting upon a Pale-Coloured Horse. He knoweth the Virtues of Herbs and Precious Stones, and can transport men suddenly from one country to another. He ruleth over 30 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this which is to be worn as aforesaid.” wItch333s

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The Witch (1882), by Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896). Galerie Talabardon & Gautier Painting realized on a frame drum; diameter 28,5 cm. Follow DAIMONPHANIA, all the Beauty in the Underworld!

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