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stretched ears look wonderful

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@20lait1 hope your bro gets better soon ❤️❤️

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I slipped into warrior cat oc hell, my 5th grade self would be proud Here’s my dude Silentstar (or at this point, rockpaw) He was rendered mostly mute by a dog while he was chasing it out of Riverclan territory. if u want the full depressing backstory, head over here ;^)

art cat oc digital art feline oc oc oc art silentstar warrior cat oc warriors oc

after the long process of trying to make this new OC I finally introduce Nicole! also huge thanks to @bossveteran for helping me find some models for this XD glad that she’s gonna be apart of his universe 2039. enjoy!

2039 oc oc art sfm sfm art sfm poster

i make an awful lot of bnha ocs for someone who’s never seen it i don’t have a name for them yet but i call them sparky, and they have an electricity manipulation quirk

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quick drawing for @miranda-mundt-art who made an oc that i’m in love with! their name is Lyla and they’re a peach (pun intended~) go give Miranda a follow if you’re a fan of AMAZING art! They’ve been an idol for me ever since I got into drawing!

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Portrait commission of Idle’s amazing OC Autumn from @keepers-of-the-tor thanks for the commission!

i love autumn's character so much tho for reals keepersofthetor oc art z commissions z doodles

A promised digital gift for @ikorytaiyo! The hair was difficult to color, but that’s great practice for me! Thank you for drawing Manaphy for me, and I hope you like this!

gift gift art hope you like! ikorytaiyo mana madness oc oc art thank you again!