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[There’s a more Saturated version of this pic but it’s under the cut for eye strain purposes] This little fellow is Eros,he’s from a family named after the greek words for love. He’s aromantic,heterosexual and a demiboy [he/they pronouns]. He and his family are a bit hippie-ish,living deep in the forest to be amongst nature. He has an eclipse of moths that he keeps as pets, so...

bunny in wool clothing eros oc art

this little darling is Bon,she’s a 149 year old rabbit woman who lives alone in the woods,her only social interactions are when she goes into the village for supplies/to sell her homemade crafts. She only has 1 steady friend and everyone else she meets leaves her sfter a while  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shes the main character of my wip comic thing? Bunny in wool clothes

anthro art bon bunny in wool clothing oc art

That’s right this blog isn’t dead yet! @davidbaronart recently opened up commissions again so I decided on an inked “publicity photo” sketch of the band circa 1989, based on this publicity photo of Genesis! From left to right are Brittany Fox, Warren Smith, Jez Walker and Joel Marshall!

brittany fox copernicus davidbaronart jez walker joel marshall oc art warren smith

Got in touch with @davidbaronart yet again and had this commission done of Brittany Fox as she looks in the present day!

brittany fox copernicus davidbaronart oc art

Next up in line and the first one that’s not a redesign is Goliath the Golurk. Also since Golurk is a Pokemon that’s always neuter, Goliath is, too and I tried to make them look as androgynous as possible. I guess the first thought that crosses everybody’s mind when they see Golurk is “huge, strong, chunky, hefty” (and the nickname “Goliath” doesn’t really help ;D). But that w...

fanart gijinka golurk golurk gijinka my art oc art oc stuff pokemon pokemon art

Commission for @sparklecryptid !! They asked for one half-body drawing of their OC Akira from their fic “As The Wind Blows” on AO3 (which I read the first 2 chapters of, and it’s super good! You definitely deserve all the praise you get for the story!) but I drew one and wasn’t satisfied with it, so I drew another. But I figured I’d give you both since you’ve been so patient and kin... akira uchiha as the wind blows charcoal commission commission me commissions open mine 44 my commission oc art sakura pens sparklecryptid traditional art watercolor

Anyway here’s some stuff for an AU where my gemsona is jasper’s mom. I wanted to design a fusion for them and I ended up going with Anatase. She goes by “Ana” and she’s got lightning powers and wings and a happy go lucky “Vodka Aunt” attitude. Listen, I KNOW i’m super late for mother’s day and I KNOW it’s considered “cringey” to fuse ur gemsona’s with canon characters...

alcohol mention fusion art gemsona jasper just let me enjoy this i'll get back to drawing jaspearl soon o k oc art self indulgent nonsense