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you came here for fulfill a purpose, and nothing was going to get in your way of achieving your goal because you didn’t really want to be here any longer than you needed to… (speedpaint)

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Doing Art fight!! Come fight me!! This is for @kazenishi, their lesbian demons :3c

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My art year in review!!! lots of doctors, lots of fandom stuff. I’m proud of myself for doing more digital work this year and actually having a reasonable amount of work to show.

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WOW ALRIGHT HERE WE GO NEW OC’S AND I REALLY AM HAPPY WITH HOW THEY CAME OUT B) Information under read more for them! ovo/ This is Archie and Suros! As you can tell by Archie’s outfit, he is a ringmaster and hosts many circus attractions and has several amusement parks. While he has many jobs, he freely allows people to come into his parks for a small fee, and while the pri...

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