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And finally the Part 2 ( and last part ) or the DTIYSC I did this summer ! Hope you like it guys ✨✨

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@tai-suits I love u lots but sometimes you’re a brat, ya know?

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Designed a new chubby boy specifically for egg stuff. His name is Finn (nickname Muna, which is Finnish for egg. Get it, ‘finn'ish : I’ll see myself out) To get a bit more… Comfortable with myself, being a chubby trans dude, so is he. And he is also into egg stuff (which is good seeing as he’s full of them) He’s a way of making me more comfortable and confident with myself. If peop...

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Shuuji and Pet for a fantasy story idea I am making. A modern world with powers and mythical creatures.

alsiushaku oc original character pet shuuji