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If you have some free time check me out on ESPN2 at 5 PM with the New York red Bulls, I’m DJ and for 26,000 people #runwithus #ShiningstarofNewYorkCity #iwilloutworkyou #djzeke #iseenzeke #redbulldj #nycup (at Red Bull Arena)

djzeke iseenzeke iwilloutworkyou nycup redbulldj runwithus shiningstarofnewyorkcity

My camera-shy bus buddies, Xavier & Adam :) #nycup #ilooktheirage (at American Museum of Natural History)

ilooktheirage nycup

Contemplations in serving a city for Christ. Every time I do this mission trip, I learn more perspectives and insight, from the city you see every day, to the city you never see unless you stop. These are a few moments of contemplation from those motions this week.

manhattan missions new york new york city nycup trip

Lovely to be recognized as a 2015 CUP Catalyst: Change Agent last night. Even lovelier to have my husband there to celebrate with me #nycup


I really liked this store in Cold Spring. @oldsouls When I can’t get to Virginia, this is the next best place. #nycup


This panda is awesome and so was my vacation. Time to get back to work. @liftjah #nycup #welogoff

nycup welogoff

Professor Sarah teaching @c_eva_d about Assassination through Histortime at Hofstra. #nycup #nycup2013 #4Rs #buttstuffstyle #Italy

4rs buttstuffstyle italy nycup nycup2013

Hanging out with some kids today :) #NYCUP #welogoff #donthityourfriends (at Mott Haven Academy Charter School)

donthityourfriends nycup welogoff