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🍎 by Lyytoaoitori Please show the original artist your appreciation by liking and sharing their post. Translation and typesetting by Ray Distance. Liz and the Blue Bird is in theaters this weekend!

girls love hibike! euphonium liz and the blue bird liz to aoi tori lyytoaoitori mizore yoroizuka nakayoshikawa natsuki nakagawa nozomi kasaki nozomizo scanlation short sound! euphonium yuri yuuko yoshikawa

Oh FFS KyoAni, I thought I was done spending money.

hibike! euphonium kasaki nozomi liz to aoi tori nozomizo yoroizuka mizore
Quiet Me for Nozomi/Mizore or Haruka/Kaori

Quiet Me for Nozomi/Mizore or Haruka/Kaori

(i’m going to do something crazy and…….write both…..) Leave a “Quiet Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character trying to calm another down [be it from crying, from lashing out, feel free to specify.] nozomizo “listen, hey, mizore, it’s alright, really.” it was a late summer afternoon, the two girls sitting in a park with instruments in their laps, forgo...

anonymous harukao hibike hibike! euphonium nozomizo