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Week 001 - Impressionism Artist: Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) Frits Thaulow was a Norwegian Impressionist (and Realist) painter. He studied maritime art and planned to work in the field, but he later found himself interested in landscape art. After traveling between Norway and France for several years, he made the permanent move to France, where he lived and worked for the last few years of his l...

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Ice Blue - Photography by +Ole Henrik Skjelstad From Dec last year. Not sure...

*Ice Blue* - Photography by + Ole Henrik Skjelstad From Dec last year. Not sure why I haven't edited the image before now because the winter light and the blue tones are very beautiful. - Ole Henrik Skjelstad #norway #winter #cabin    .

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LIVE A MEANINGFUL LIFE. IT HAS JUST STARTED. A view I come across every morning, in Flekke, Norway.

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For much of her career, Erika Larsen has been documenting the culture of hunting in the US and Canada. For her latest project, she spent an entire 3 years with reindeer herders in the remote Northern region of Norway. Living With the Reindeer Herders of Norway via Notcot

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A Worlds worth watching as reigning World Champ @petosagan doubled up with a brilliant win in Bergen. Our full report is live @pezcyclingnews now, with big pics and more. #petersagan #bergen2017 #bergen #uciworldchampionship #norway #borahansgrohe

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