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Done with this map! I do the outline in pen and all my notes in pencil, just in case #myart #nordicart #dungeonmap #dungeonmaster

dungeonmap dungeonmaster myart nordicart

Grey is also a colour 2 #inspiration #artwork #lovegrey #bobedre #nordicart (her: Art2joy, Odensevej 5, Nr. Søby, 5792 Årslev)

artwork bobedre inspiration lovegrey nordicart

Congratulations, you now have a song from the movie stuck in your head. This is part of a bonus comic for the end of Chapter 1 in May, but I really liked how Hymir’s hair turned out here so I’m posting this little sneak peak early. n_n Plus, I like to remind everyone I’m still kicking, including myself.

dust children from dust hymir nordicart nordikat

More Choros! And this time, he’s defending Tansa, the elven princess in his care. Someday, I’ll hopefully get a profile or a short story or go on some really long explanation about these two on another picture. I’m definitely scanning this one in, cause I really like how it turned out and then I can get Tansa’s head out of the bottom corner there XD I often put my sketches way too close...

art choros defend the princess elves fantasy fantasy art half dragon my art my ocs nordic art nordicart ocs tansa

Sweden, Umeå day 88: Saxnäs day 8. I made a mono print of Picasso today. I am on an artist’s residency at Ricklundgården in South Lapland.

art drawing monochrome monoprint monotype nordicart norrland picasso portrait print printisntdead printmaking ricklundgården saxnäs scandinavianart southlapland sweden södralappland umeå västerbotten västernorrland