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@cutsforhim - The story behind this work is expressing myself as an African living in London. The importance of maintaining my cultural heritage whilst also embracing western customs. It can be quite difficult to manage the two but it is achievable. Every individual needs to define their own path to see where they fit in. | #afrobougee #african #london #noir #blackman #culture #africaninspire...

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“My body may be scarred from the many battles I have fought. But I will stand by the side of my Kings. That is our promise we made as the Hares, that is the promise I made with the Brothers.” Yes a character you may not be familiar with, but an important one in the world of Noir and Lumière. Chevell the Hare is the General of the Royal Army. He is in charge of the savety of the people, bu...

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159 by friend without the r on Flickr.

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When you watch too much spongebob and get weird photoshop ideas.

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