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20XXing 15; Forcing the Unstoppable

20XXing 15; Forcing the Unstoppable

A new mechanic to the game was just released, allowing players to remove certain upgrades from the system for a run. Seeing as how through 14 different runs I haven't gotten to show off my favorite armor set bonus, Armatort, even once, I take this opportunity to throw out the other armor options and become truly Unstoppable. #20xx #nina #aramatort #unstoppable #videogames #mrgameandpie

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Comparison time! I still cannot understand if this is really Kentin, but i am sure we will have the answer very soon! We just need to be patient! Seeing both of their postures really make me think that this is Nina but still not sure about K… because the new boy has freckles and look like him but the eyes seem to be different.. ^^’

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- ニーナ (Nina) new look -

new look new look:g nina ニーナ

*Commission for Anonymous - Nina footjob* I got commissioned to draw lewds of my own OC. Yaay. *tumblr I*

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