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HAMATORA WIKIA???? Nice’s Relationship with Art The two have been friends since meeting each other at Facultas Academy. Even after Nice dropped out and they were separated, they maintained a close friendship and have butt sex at the end of every episode, as shown when Art wanted to protect Nice from Professor Moral, and Nice was upset when Art got angry at him so he took off his pants and r...

art (hamatora) artnice hamatora nice (hamatora) niceart

inktober is here ladies and gays! here’s my dadsona aka my sosu james, he’s a huge disaster bi, a synth fucker, and chronically tired. sometimes wears a sweet hat

& i know i told myself i wouldn't obsess ovr the small things... but i still did..... hope it gets easier to draw loosely the more i practice it :/ niceart oc james oc talk still can't draw hats or hat hair