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Nicki Minaj Quietly Sent Funds To An Indian Village – it is Now Totally Transformed

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A.N. Hi all. * ahem* so as I stated. I took a two-week break. My job hit a break and my family visited and I was showing them around Japan. My inbox was already kinda out of hand. And while it might not make a huge difference in how long stuff takes to get answered. I need to shut down the box. I have enjoyed the reaction questions to existing posts but it makes it hard to keep track of. For re...

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Shiritsu Verbara Gakuen ~ Versailles no Bara Re*imagination. FINALLY!!! An update on The Rose of Versailles inspired game. Source:

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New Team Member Announcement! Introducing Pawinee Ngwe~ Pawinee (also known as Skay) is an accomplished digital painter and Freelance Artist from Denmark that excels at creating gorgeous landscapes for both her clients and friends. Everything from the color choices, attention to detail, depth of field effects, and lighting/shading really places the characters into a living, breathing setting. W...

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12-Year-old Saves Friend’s Leg Using First Aid From ‘Hunger Games’ Book

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Adelaide Kane, Ben Geurens and Craig Parker at AfterBuzz TV discussing the Reign finale

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