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“See, Brothers: Spring is here. The Earth has taken the embrace of the Sun, and soon we shall see the children of that love. All seeds are awake, and all animals. From this great power we too have our lives. And therefore we concede to our fellow creatures, even our animal fellows, the same rights as ourselves, to live on this earth.” - Sitting Bull, 1877

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I was feeling myself haha my eyes are big as shit

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Todd Kincannon, Genocide Advocate.

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Our Lady of New Worlds (2017) at dusk you stepped from the shadows, masquerading. as we sat to break bread your face was revealed - a darkness reflected in the blade 
that cut out my eyes my tongue my womb. the long night of truth
 swelling like festering wounds.


. in the cold I lay still,
 as I wandered the desolate landscape 
 a deep sorrow overca...

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2017 BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR GIL BIRMINGHAM Did anyone see Wind River? Film had it’s flaws, but I’ll never forget the deeply moving, raw performance by Gil Birmingham. The movie centers around the murder of a beautiful young native american woman (played by Kelsey Chow, not a native american). Gil Birmingham plays her devastated father. He lives on a reservation with his wife, who r...

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