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The convention of heroic nudity is prevalent in

The convention of heroic nudity is prevalent in *"The Disembarkation of Achilles in Troy"* by artist, Bon Thomas Henry. While it is understood that the heroes of Homer's, "The Iliad" wore armor, this image captures the moment when the ancient #Greek warrior, Achilles (Αχιλλέας), the greatest of the Achaeans stepped onto the shores of Troy.  It was here during the Trojan War, as a res...

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Kromosomlab has released one of a few set pieces that I worked on for Panglima Hitam TV series. The designs and treatment have gone through simplifications from the creator’s original treatment to make it palatable for its target demographic.

2014 animation concept art digital malay malaysia mythology nusantara panglima hitam rangda set piece silat tv

mythology aesthetics ERSA In Greek mythology, Ersa is the goddess of dew and the daughter of Zeus and Selene.

*mine ersa my heart is pierced by queuepid mythedit mythology mythologyedit

Kotengu Tengu are great, crows are great, therefore kotengu are the greatest (even if they’re usually assholes)

bird crow goblin i guess i keep forgetting that tengu are technically goblins so uh karasu tengu kotengu my art mythology old art qtaro tengu yokai

Summer Myth Event | @fyeahmyths | Day Four South or West European Deity: Turan « Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.»

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