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A - Z Challenge: @ibuzoo​ vs @lxcuna​ [ L ] oki: the son of two giants and the foster-brother of Odin, he embodies the ambiguous and darkening relationship between the gods and the giants in Norse mythology. He is a shape-shifting trickster, and has both helped the gods as well as impeded them. When Ragnarök dawns, Loki will slip free of his bonds and lead the fight against the gods.

as much as i appreciate azchallenge by my hands ibuzoo immortalmyths loki minorbutmanynw myth myth edit myth:norse mythedit mythology mythology edit mythologyedit norse myth norse mythology pinterest kept trying to throw tom hiddleston in my face that is not what i was going for with this gdi pinterest titannw trying to find pics for this was hard

Badass Mythical Women and Creatures → Huldra In Scandinavian folklore and Germanic mythology, a Huldra is a forest-dwelling seductive being with a tall frame and flowing, long hair. She is a one of the hidden people of the forest, the huldrefolk, with her male counterpart named the Huldrekall. Huldras are extremely dangerous in their seductive nature and ethereal beauty, yet the Huldrekall...

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ODIN: The Allfather With the great World Tree Yggdrassil behind him, Odin looks upon the cosmos, ever in search for more wisdom. My first in a series of paintings about the Norse gods. I’ve been a total geek for these myths since I was a kid in high school and I’m finally going back to them with my art. Stay tuned for more of the Aesir and let me know who you’d like to see portrayed...

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Thence come the maidens mighty in wisdom, Three from the dwelling down ‘neath the tree; Urth is one named, Verthandi the next,– On the wood they scored, – and Skuld the third. Laws they made there, and life allotted To the sons of men, and set their fates.

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A pretty awesome scene of the Greek and Trojan phalanxes from the Warner Bros.' movie,

*A pretty awesome scene of the Greek and Trojan phalanxes from the Warner Bros.' movie, "Troy", which premiered in 2004.* The Greeks in the foreground prepare to engage the Trojans beneath the walls of Troy in one of several excellent fighting scenes. #Mythology  #Warfare  #History

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