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Just a reminder that both Bestiary Alphabetum Volume 1 AND 2 are available to purchase! Please excuse the ‘disease’ typo on the Wyvern page. I have since uploaded a new version. Volume 1: Volume 2:

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I really wanted to create some cute buttons for Comic Con, but my old designs don’t look as nicely on smol round accessoires. So I drew new, additional versions of the mythological cuties! First up: Round unicorns!

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Artist: Even Amundsen Title: After dinner “Get the third tegn book at The meal went on with one dish replacing another. The kitchen seemed to be teeming with a profusion of preparations that were either sizzling, stewing or bubbling happily away. Tallich soon returned, his big outer coat hangig like some hulking beast in one of the far corners, and a pipe of silver and bra...

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Похвист (Pohvist) is the god of the wind. Disperses the clouds, opens the stars in the sky, so that the road can be seen. Pohvist is a young fair-haired boy with a whip, in broad trousers that serve him as a sail.

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