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YA LIT MEME: [5/10] books ↳ red rising by pierce brown you will die. i will die. we will all die and the universe will carry on without care. all that we have is the shout into the wind - how we live. how we go. and how we stand before we fall.

avicennacrowe clarkegrifin in which i attempted to make a rr edit with no red and it did not actually work ishfiwwncwi kalebkrychek litedit literaturedaily mine* mishsfamily myedit red rising rr rredit yalitmeme

🔽 ANY▪Jae-Ha 🔼 ジェハ Taking away someone’s freedom is the ugliest thing one can do in this world. People like that ought to decay into dirt and come back as thorny roses.

akatsuki no yona anyedit droppy eyes flying pirate guys hope you're doing well its been a long time jae ha myedit myedits newedit pirate ryokuryuu jaeha ryoukuryuu sora no kaizoku tareme type: gif graphic yona of the dawn