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✯ BANGEL APPRECIATION WEEK ✯ day two ↳ an underrated moment / scene ─ 2.09 “what’s my line (part 1)” “Now you know what it feels like, Stealth Guy.”

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Leafs Queue: Johnny’s third goal 10/07/2018 (148/∞)

atta boy john tavares leafs queue my gifs toronto maple leafs

And you…didn’t see or hear anything? Nothing that could help us find the people who did this? No, sorry I..I just..

3x15 blake crawford blindspot blindspotedit blindspotgifs he is prince charming i know he's a bad guy but i agree with that dude luke mitchell my gifs roman s3 😍

Romy Schneider in Max et les ferrailleurs (1971), dir. by Claude Sautet.

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David O'Sullivan - Black and White Robert Carlyle Characters 13/?

black and white bobby carlyle david o'sullivan my gifs rcc robert carlyle