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Time for day 3: Different clothes! I love both their outfits so much!!❤ ….but I think Ryuko may have gotten the better end of this swap;;;

delinquent delinquent week drawings ink it suits him tho lets be honest jjba jojo's bizarre adventure josuke higashikata kill la kill klk my art ryuko matoi senketsu

posting old stuff bec i sometimes forget i have a tumblr

daniya my art oc

Little Cam with a very interested Pennywise. He doesn’t plan to harm her, he sees too much fun in her future when she becomes an adult to take and eat her. So instead he is entertained to make her happy and give her ice cream. @vialdovi OC Camila Vargas with Pennywise.

camila vargas fan art fanart it my art my fan art my fanart myart pennywise vialdovi vialdovi's oc vialdovitrashart

This took me a while to finish. RIP markers and pens for this

batim batim projectionist bendy bendy demon cuphead mugman my art

Here’s my custom vinyl for the upcoming Aloha Lolligag show March 25th at @qpopshop in Little Tokyo! Super fun to paint!

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