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One for all comic book readers: Check out this Marvel niqabi superhero Now this is when Superheroes get serious, meet Dust; the wonderwoman niqabi and former student at ‘Xaviar Institute’. Sold into slavery in Afghanistan, Dust, also known as Sooriya was liberated by Wolverine and X-men themselves taking up her role in the Hellions squad to defeat, well, evil. (Read more about Dust)

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Lookism Contest (on Wattpad) Hello there, fellow fans of Lookism! If you want to help make Lookism fanfiction and you need an excuse to make one, you’re at the right place. If not, and you just want to write fanfiction for Lookism, you’re still at the right place! Wow, I feel stupid. They had their own share button for Tumblr… Oh well. I’m posting both.

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16-year-old Indian Student Invents A Device that Can Convert Breath to Speech | Read :

16-year-old Indian Student Invents A Device that Can Convert Breath to Speech | Read :  #Technology #Proud #India #MustRead #Video

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“Juliet Takes a Breath is the kind of book that gets the bittersweet pain and longing of growing up exactly right. It’s about the reality of your heroes being human, falling in and out of love, the fierce unconditional love of family, and learning to navigate the world in a way that allows you to retain your humanity.” Read the full review here:

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Book Quote - Freedom - Harables - Haidji - Teenagers This quote is from “Harables” by Haidji You can see Haidji’s books on amazon, search for “Haidji” on amazon, or click on

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