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#musicmonday  #musicyoushouldhear  #VonGrey  #greatmusic  Check out Von Grey! A group of four sisters who toured with Lindsey Stirling just recently. I was lucky enough to go to Lindsey Stirling's concert (thanks to + Justin Smith ) in Vancouver, B.C. and saw Von Grey perform as well. They simply rocked! I think everyone in attendance was shocked at the talent these young girls possess. I su...

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Neil Brennan, co-creator of The Chappelle Show, tweeted out earlier today never before seen footage of the #BeastieBoys 8 years ago on Chappelle's show. We thought it fitting for #MusicMonday.

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*Mutlu ve güneşli Pazartesi/Happy and ☼ Monday my dears!* ☼◕‿◕☼    A new WeeK had started..and as usual we can't start this without our super favorite music and Fav★rite Singer... TARKAN♥!!!!!  \(★‿★)/..                  Tarkan :* *Usta - Çırak/ Master - Apprentice**    Tarkan❤ is definitely an *Usta*  (¬‿¬)     With this awesome amazing...

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