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Our in-depth interview with Donald Farnsworth, co-founder and Director of Oakland’s Magnolia Editions! In its 30 year history, this fine arts services company in West Oakland has worked with many of the most accomplished and highly-regarded local, national and international contemporary artists, museums, and curators: from Rupert Garcia, de Young Museum and Hung Liu to Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz, ...

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More Art Monday: Women’s Equality Day Tomorrow is Women’s Equality Day. Let’s celebrate girl power with some of our favorite female artists from our collection! “Night Sea,” 1977, Edna Andrade, American “Birch and Pine Tree No. 1,” 1925, Georgia O'Keeffe, American “Banisteriopsis - Dark Ink,” 1968-94, Sheila Hicks, American “Hydrangeas Spring Song,” 1976, Alma Thomas...

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The Shell Shop

The Shell Shop

Since 1955 the Thomas family has owned and operated The Shell Shop in Morro Bay, California. This store specializes in marine sea shells and exhibits the largest selection of specimens on the Central Coast. Renowned throughout the world, The Shell Shop is the place to find Sea Clams, decorative corals, unique crafted sea shell jewelry and shells of all types. The extensive selection of jewelry...

3D 3D Warehouse 3D model Morro_Bay SketchUp art coral jewelry museum shells

Feeling the heat? So did the Manchu rulers of Qing dynasty China (1644–1911). Their hot-weather clothing was more elegant than tank tops and shorts, however. For summer their elaborate robes were of lightweight silk gauze, an open weave with the warp threads twisted around the wefts. Gauze is not only cool but shimmery, providing a good background for embroidery and woven patterns. More Art...

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In the background: Colossal Statue with Cornucopia, Snake and Portrait of Antinous. Marble, 130-140 AD. Altes Museum, Berlin In the foreground: Torso of the so-called Omphalos Apollo, amended as Antinous. Roman copy from around 130 AD after the greek original. Altes Museum, Berlin

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New book on the Ottoman Army in WW1, prepared by Tunca Orses and published by the Turkish Military Museum. Contains some rare photos.

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Louwman Museum, Den Haag

Louwman Museum, Den Haag

De basis voor het Louwman Museum, ’s werelds oudste privé-collectie automobielen, is in 1934 gelegd door de aanschaf van een toen twintig jaar oude Dodge, die nog steeds in het museum is te zien. Inmiddels omvat de verzameling ruim tweehonderddertig antieke en klassieke automobielen. Kenners beschouwen de collectie, bijeengebracht door twee generaties van de familie Louwman, als één van de...

3D 3D Warehouse 3D model Automobielmuseum Den_Haag Louwman Nederland NvdK SketchUp auto car museum