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SR/SR+ 【Queen of The Blazing Heat】Takumi Mukai FOCUS STAT - 5946「Vocal」at max Level, Max Bond, 0 Potential TOTAL APPEAL - 13 071 Skill:「Midsummer Riot」- For every 11 seconds, there is a 35~52.5% chance that you will gain an extra 10% combo bonus, and PERFECT notes will restore 1 health for 4~6 seconds. Center Skill:「Passion Voice」- All PASSION-type cards in the unit gain ...

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キラッ! 満開スマイル

deresute im@s cg mukai takumi mv

WILD WIND GIRLS UPDATE The Cover Illustrations, as well as the Track listing for the WILD WIND GIRL vol3 manga have been released! Alongside the next chapters to the WILD WIND GIRL manga, the limited version ( left cover ) will feature an Original Drama Track with Rina Fujimoto, Takumi Mukai with guest Sanae Katagiri and the Producer! It will also feature a cover of Seizon Honnou Valkyria by...

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A story about doing princess carries without thinking by Sn_DRST Please show the original artist your appreciation by liking and sharing their post. Translation and typesetting by Ray Distance.

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