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RT @ESPYS: We think #MPRaccoon deserves a nomination for Best Breakthrough Athlete 💪 (via @manchelster)


RT @TheStPaulRacco1: This account made all the major news outlets yesterday! I couldn't have done it without all of you! Here's the super�

RT @Humanitarian66: If you're going through hell, take a nap, then keep going. #MPRaccoon


Hang in there! You’re halfway through the week. Northern sea stars, like this intrepid #MPraccoon wannabe in our seahorse exhibit, circulate salt water throughout their bodies to propel their tube feet. The tube feet line their five arms to help them cling to surfaces and slowly move about. #seastar #newenglandaquarium (at New England Aquarium)

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RT @dailyblastlive: Time for a flashback to earlier in the week when a raccoon claimed fame for climbing a skyscraper in St. Paul! 🦝 #MPR



Hi, I’m a raccoon I climbed a building To see if I can Please don’t let me land on a moving van I inched my way to the top Praying I don’t do a belly flop I needed to rest So I made a window sill nest And that seemed to relieve my stress But I must make it to the top Because I won’t stop I smell something good Could it be cat food? Please God, give me fortitude I made it to the top And ...

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RACCOON 2020 - We could do a lot worse!

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Have a raccoon for #MPRaccoon! Some interesting takes on my timeline: @AlongsideWild - Context, how many raccoons are killed by animal control agencies - Raccoons are major predators of baby hawks

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If you want to know the kind of town St Paul Minnesota is keep in mind that today the entire city is currently enraptured watching a racoon climb up the side of a skyscraper

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RT @DiannaDeLaGarza: HE MADE IT TO THE ROOF, YALL!! #MPRaccoon 😅😅😅😅 https://t.c