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The Beautiful Mind of Paul Stamets

*The Beautiful Mind of Paul Stamets* "6 ways mushrooms can save the world" TED Lecture 1. Mycelium are vanguard species in toxic waste areas 2. Burlap sacks inoculated with fungi can be used to remediate coliform bacteria (= remove disease) and other toxins from the environment 3. Mushrooms highly active against smallpox 4. Mushrooms highly active against flu virus 5. Entamopathogenic fungi -...

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Lego Cake Moulds These cake moulds will make you the envy of all your friends, if they’re not asking to borrow them they’ll be asking you to make a cake for them! What better way to surprise someone then with an amazing Lego cake for they’re birthday!

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“This weekend I trekked up north to Sheffield, after finding what was being advertised as possible woodturning blanks including ligum vitae. They were actually metal spinning mandrels. These came out of an old silver smith workshop decades ago, and been bought with an old container at auction apparently. What I found was hundreds of kilograms of phenomenal Lignum Vitae mandrels. I bought 208 ...

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